Many of us have hidden our anxieties away. We don’t dare face them. Sometimes it’s because we do not believe that there is any real help. Usually, it’s because we do not know how to find peace.

I want to encourage you. Stress, anxieties, and their related fears can not only be managed but overcome and replaced with God's marvelous peace.

People worry because humans were never designed to handle the stresses of their lives on their own. God wants to help you. Your Creator has designed a way to experience His inner peace while walking through the stresses of life. A bridge illustrates the pathway across the difficulties of life into His peace.

Each of the ten sessions takes you one step further over the bridge. Some steps are more strenuous; others more reflective, but each takes you to know and regularly experience the peace of God. 

Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Peace, Discovering God

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